Recruiting for Nonprofit Board Members

When things go wrong the board is usually the one to receive the brunt criticism. Whatever the reason, whether it’s corruption or scandals at the top of the pyramid A dysfunctional board of directors could lead to mismanagement and even financial ruin. It is crucial that your Board of Directors have the experience and knowledge to oversee your business.

When you are looking to recruit Nonprofit Board Members, you want to find people who are committed to your cause and will commit to meeting the requirements of your organization. They must have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities to be able to participate in all of your organizational decision-making, including establishing policies, setting compensation for the executive director, and generating funds.

A properly functioning board is a crucial bridge between your non-profit and the community. Your board is accountable of determining the best way for your organization to serve the community. The executive director along with the staff, then implements the vision that was set by the board during the day-to-day operations.

In the past, a lot of nonprofits were looking for well-connected and wealthy individuals to fill their boards. These connections are still important, but it’s more commonplace to seek people who have a passion for your cause and a strong commitment to the cause. It’s also beneficial to find a variety of people for different positions, so your board can have a variety of opinions and Nonprofit Board Members perspectives. A study by Korngold found that 78% of people who serve on nonprofit boards report that they are more likely to listen when different perspectives are offered.

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