Available 200 compounds made from speciality rubbers with hardness range from 12*-100* shore A for Industrial Heavy Rollers

  • Heat resistant compound up to 280*Centigrade for Paper mills, Plastic machines, Textile Units, Leather Industries, Steel Etc.
  • Abrashion Resistant compound upto speed of 300 meters per minute of running rollers with pressure of 6 tonnes rollers mounted in paper mill presses and Squeezing Textile mangle machines.
  • Acid Resistant compound for Leather Tanneries, Textile Dying, Washer machines Etc

Industrial Rubber Rollers Compounds

Best Rubber Roller In Our Store

Printing Rubber Roller Compound

Europian E Combi Rollers DUAL INKING SYSTEM Compound is fully resistant to printers ink and almost zero migration of plasticizer from it hence it achives no hardness change even after years of serving which results in 2.5 times the life of rubber made by nitrile rubber​

  • Non cracking,
  • Non Shrinking rollers,
  • Dual type ink ready rollers
  • Perfected for alchohal dampening
  • No swelling at ends,
  • No Abrashion loss,
  • No foreign particles,
  • Printers ink resistant,
  • Pin holes, air traps free,
  • No Migration of plasicizers
  • Non-hardening,
  • Grinded up to 0.0001 inch tollerence
  • Non shrinking rollers

" Ready To Run Rollers"

"Ready to Print" rollers are supplied with a new core machined on CNC lathes with a very high tolerances. The core is dynamically balanced before and after the covering. Rollers are supplied fully assembled with fixtures and bearings super finish rollers