We at Phoenix Rubber Rollers, jalandhar have the capacity to manufacture rubber rollers for High Speed Paper Machinery upto a Length of 148" length of roller and a Diameter of roller Up to 48". We have the compounds which can Bear heat up to 220deg. Cen.and still perform at the speed of 200 meters per minute of passing papers. We can manufacture complete rubber roller upto 5 tonnes with shrink fitting and journal welding.

A complete house of Paper Mill Rollers

  • M.G touch rollers
  • Press Rollers,
  • Felt Rollers,
  • Screen Rollers,
  • Couch rollers,
  • Suction press rollers,
  • Breast Roller,
  • Lump breaker roller,
  • Scroll rollers,
  • Wire Return Rollers,
  • Scroll rollers,
  • 1st,2nd,3rd press rollers,
  • Smoothing rollers,
  • Top roll on couch

Paper Mill Rollers