Board of Directors Software

Board of Directors software is a comprehensive board meeting solution that helps streamline the process of preparing for and conducting board meetings. It lets board members collaborate on agendas, share files and organize board books. They can also keep track of decisions in a single place. It comes with a variety collaboration and communication tools for global teams. It also helps eliminate messy email attachments as well as centralized document storage. It helps to ensure the privacy and security of your information by separating board communications from personal conversations, making it less likely to be used in fishing expeditions or frivolous lawsuits.

Online board meetings can be easily planned for and held. This board management software comes with a powerful scheduler with drag-and-drop that lets you create recurring or one-off meetings in only minutes. It also lets you quickly build an agenda and upload relevant documents. It lets you keep track of attendance using a boardroom calendar integrated into the software that syncs with personal calendars. Members can also RSVP quickly.

All documents from a board meeting are stored in a digital repository that can be later accessed. Through the board portal, directors can look over the materials in advance and during the meeting, and also make notes and suggestions to improve the discussion. They can access the platform from any device, and join a live conference call for meetings. The most effective boards are more efficient, therefore they require a portal for boards with real-time tools to prepare for meetings. The portal for board members should offer secure storage, SOC-2 certification and multi-factor authentication to safeguard sensitive data.

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